That Perfect Look

Open Bible with pen Antique Grayscale

The perfect law of liberty! (Photo credit: Ryk Neethling)

James 1:25 says “but whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed”

Alas! We have come to the conclusion of this series. In this last instalment we look at what we should be like. Here is how we become a doer.

Verse 23-24 talks of a man who is looking at himself, but here in verse 25 we have a man who is looking into the bible. Verse 25 is the complete opposite to what we find in the preceding verses. The verse says that whoever looks into the perfect law of liberty. You see the first man looks at himself in his imperfection and chains of sin, whereas this person looks into the bible in its perfection and freedom from sin. The difference already is amazing. The person who looks at something sees the exterior which can be deceiving but the person who looks into something can see the interior and see what it truly contains.

However it does not end there, the person must first look into the bible, this is the hearing stage, but notice the next part of the verse says “and continueth therein”. Now comes the doing part! First you must look into the bible to see what you should do – hearing – but then you must continue in what you read – doing. The verse goes on to say “he being not a forgetful hearer”. The people who continue in what they read are not forgetful hearers, after all how could they forget it if they are doing it! Now the contrast between verses is clear. The first man looks at himself and hears and forgets, this man looks into the bible and hears and does and remembers.

The next section says “but a doer of the work”. The person who gets into their bible, continues therein, being not a forgetful hearer is a doer of the work. Here we clearly see the path to doing:


Honestly, could it be any simpler? The verse however doesn’t end there; the last part of the verse says “this man shall be blessed in his deed”. Now the path looks like this:


The person who reads their bible, continues therein, remembers what they hear and acts upon it by doing, will receive Gods’ blessing upon their work.

Let me ask you today, are you looking into the perfect law of liberty or are you looking at your imperfect sin-stained self? Are you going Gods way or your way? Are you forgetting what to do or are you remembering?

As you get into your bibles I pray that you will continue in what you read, remembering what you hear and not forgetting, and most of all carrying out what you should be doing. If it helps remember the path to doing with this acronym: R.C.R.D.R. This is the way to get God’s blessings on what you do, are you missing out? – A.

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