Be Careful Where You Walk, Stand and Sit!

Psalm 1:1 says “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful”

Here we see a clear and plain message to all Christians. The bible says blessed is the man who doesn’t:

1)      Walk in the counsel of the ungodly. All of us have unsaved friends, it’s a part of life (a necessary part of life I may add, it’s easier to witness to people you know) but we have to be careful to what we listen to from them. As part of the world they are going to give us worldly advice that more often than not does not tie in with scripture. We are told not to walk in their counsel. We shouldn’t be going around doing things that our friends have inspired us to do when it goes against the Word of God. When we need counsel we have to go to people of a like mind, i.e. God or other Christians.

2)      Stand in the way of sinners. Have you ever heard of the term guilty by association? Say there was a party where alcohol was being served. Now being a Christian you don’t drink alcohol but you still go to the party, justifying yourself saying you’re just going to be with friends. Now the next day you log on to Facebook and notice pictures plastered everywhere with people with alcohol and you’re with them. You may not have been drinking, but from these pictures who could tell that. What kind of example does that set to other people? Your witness is ruined. You’re included in their sin. The bible here clearly tells us that we shouldn’t stand in their ways. We shouldn’t be guilty by association; instead we should be innocent by lack of association!

3)      Sit in the seat of the scornful. Again a similar picture can be painted with the guilty by association. Imagine yourself sitting around with a bunch of people who start to mock people as they walk by. You may not say anything, but to the person walking by with their feelings hurt it doesn’t make a difference. By associating yourself with them you are associating yourself with their sin. As believers we shouldn’t be sitting around with people like that who tarnish our witness and besmirch our name.

Now notice that the person gets progressively slower. Imagine a Christian just walking through life doing well in their walk with God and, as they do, a problem arises. Now this person doesn’t go to God or even to a godly friend but instead they go to a worldly friend and ask for their advice. This person gets a worldly answer and tries to fix it the worldly way. However this ends badly for the Christian who gets downhearted. He goes back to the friend and asks what happened. The friend offers a poor excuse but offers for him to stand around with him and his friends for a while to lift his spirits. The Christian agrees and hangs around with them, but he is no longer walking. This keeps going on, they hang around more and more until the friend invites him back to his house for the evening, and not wanting to be rude, the Christian agrees to go. Now they get back to the friend’s house and he is offered a seat. Obligingly he sits down to a conversation where they are mocking and scorning people, not caring about whom they hurt or what happens.

Do you see his progressive down falling? He started off walking with God, then he was walking in the counsel of sinners, then he was standing in the way of sinners and finally he was sitting in the seat of the scornful not knowing or caring how he got there, forgetting God and his walk with Him. It is so easy to fall into things like this and we have to be so careful.

So let me ask you today, who are you walking, standing and sitting with? Are you doing to be guilty by association or are you going to be innocent by lack of association. The bible says blessed is the man who doesn’t walk, stand or sit with these people. Are you going to miss out on God’s blessing just because you want to hang around with people who ruin your witness, or are you going to say enough is enough and stop associating with them? Are you going to let worldly people apply your spiritual breaks, slowing you from walking to standing to sitting? The power to change is in your hands, but will you? – A.


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