Use Your Time

Today is my 18th birthday. I want to take this opportunity to say what a privilege it is to serve the King of Kings and Lord of lords with my life at a young age. Recently on my trip I discovered that time is a precious thing. Having talked to hundreds of older Christians I’ve found their biggest complaint is how they wasted time when they were younger. They look back on their younger lives and see missed opportunities to grow, to learn, to witness and to be the Christian they are called to be.

In a few years I’ll be old enough to reflect back on my younger life; and I wonder what I will see. Will I be dissatisfied; wishing I had done more in preparation for the future? Or will I look back and think that I’ve done all I could possibly do to follow God to my fullest.

Time is a gift from God to be used for Him. He wants your time to be spent for Him and we should want the same. Time in the Word, time in prayer, time in worship; Time spent serving the Lord to your highest ability.

If you’re a young Christian today and you’re reading this, take this advice: Time is a precious thing. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Use your time to serve God. I’m not talking about some of your time; I mean all of your time. I know life can be busy with school or work; but try witnessing in your school or workplace. In your free time turn off the TV and read God’s word or spend time in prayer. Use your time to grow into a strong Christian before your adult life. Replace worldly music with Christian music; replace worldly books with Christian books. I cannot emphasise the importance of using your time to serve God. It is the single most important thing in your life.

Make a commitment today, commit to spending time with God. Commit to growing into the Christian God wants you to be; active for Him, winning souls and spreading the gospel. Lay aside the world and all of its stumbling blocks and walk after God, following His will for your life and serving Him with all your being. Use your time wisely while you still can. Make sure that when you are older you can look back and say “I did all I could to serve God, I spent my time wisely using it to fulfil God’s will and spent time growing in the Lord in preparation for what lies ahead”.

Your younger years are your foundation for adult life. If you spend time on your foundation, making them deep and strong and able to withstand anything; then your Christian life as an adult will be strong and mighty like a fortress, withstanding any attack from the devil and never being moved.

Use your time wisely. – Andrew.


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