Restoring Order

If you have been following the blog you will know that I have started a study on the book of James. You will also know however that my posts have been all over the place, jumping from verse to verse with no order; but I present you with a solution! Along the top bar you will see a new tab called “Book Studies”. Hovering over this tab will drop down a list (James is the only option at the moment but as time goes on it will be added too!) Hovering over ‘James’ will produce yet another drop down. Contained in this drop list will be each chapter. Clicking on a chapter will open a page with my posts in order of verse. Now you have an easy way to see my posts in order! I hope this restores some order to my otherwise chaotic layout, I’m working on improving this! Thanks to all who have viewed, commented or shared my posts. There is a lot more to come and I pray you all stick with me. If you have found something good I hope you will tell people about it. Encourage them to come and visit too. God bless you all.


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